Expressions That Inspire

Accentuate Art

Art is an empowering language of untold expressions. Through mesmerizing contours and vibrant colours that showcase imagination and skill, it has brought the world together by fuelling the desire to explore the higher purpose of life, while catering to refined tastes. It creates fascination and piques curiosity, enthralling the audience and building bridges in its wake to connect different emotions, experiences and perspectives.

The rich history of art in India can be traced back to pre-historic times. On its way to modern times, Indian art has been enriched with both cultural and religious influences, giving it a truly unique identity in the global context. A strong sense of design is characteristic of Indian art and can be observed in its modern and traditional forms. The surviving pieces of historic art from India inspire countless people from around the world, while Indian artists of today continue to mesmerise the world with their distinct flair.

Deriving from this illustrious legacy, RMZ Foundation is a pioneering world-class gallery and multi-purpose art centre, which acts as a destination for experiencing art and architecture through innovative and captivating exhibitions.

RMZ Art Centre

At RMZ Art Centre, the broad strategic objective is to create and expand international cultural alliances; to make each of RMZ Art Centre collections accessible to broader audiences; to pursue collection sharing strategies; to implement joint exhibition, publishing, education and retail and to facilitate each institution’s long term goals.

Aspects of RMZ Art Centre

  • Promoting Contemporary Art
  • Education
  • Outreach Programs

The impact of art goes far beyond the aspect of visual appeal. Through the RMZ Art Centre program, RMZ Foundation aims to bring out the essence of art, which is a constant quest for perfection that paves the way towards achieving a state of harmony.

These ideals and principles represent a way of life and provide a new outlook on every individual and the society as a whole.

Facets of

RMZ Foundation

The Foundation will focus on creating innovative platforms for art as a part of its social responsibility programme, while hosting high profile events that will aid in supporting essential programs focussed towards inclusive growth and progress.
RMZ Foundation seeks to inspire, move and connect people, creating a feeling of harmony within the community by harnessing the power of art, through its three primary focus areas.

Promoting Contemporary Art

The goal is to educate the community and expand creative place making activities and to understand its effect on economic, social and cultural change. Through the ownership of a vast and diverse art collection, RMZ Foundation seeks to integrate art into the work environment, creating a unique identity with a vision to bring together a collection of the most riveting works of art from around the world. The intent is to highlight the most significant contemporary artists by promoting their works and creating a unique experience for art lovers.

Connecting Spaces

Global and Interpersonal connectivity have both been revolutionized in the modern era, Connecting Spaces applies this change to the way people can be connected through a revolutionary art initiative. As an overarching theme, it brings together the various elements of interactions both at a personal level and as a community.

Outreach Programs

This initiative focuses on building interdisciplinary partnerships with schools, groups, and special needs populations in order to provide arts enrichment activities, field-trip opportunities, and expand the awareness of art and its appreciation in our community and worldwide. These programs, with the help of our knowledge partner, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology. A visionary, experimental and curatorial institute of media arts and sciences, are developed with the intent of giving back to the society through art.