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The Force
Artist-Paresh Maity

Force is inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of primitive cave painting, symbolically contemplating the energy of human force and the speed of our life.

The sculpture demonstrates cubism of strong line and form, resonating with power, masculinity and enduring motion. It also epitomises the artist’s experimentation with scale and monumentality. Creating forms in a multidimensional way has always been part of Maity’s oeuvre, despite the fact that he is predominantly a painter. His recent sculptural works in bronze accentuate essences of folkloric forms that surrounded him in his childhood and youth, representing memories of a charmed time. He acknowledges his legacy as an artist from Bengal; he believes in the traditions that direct him towards distinct aesthetic choices while he continues to shape his contemporary expression.

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RMZ Infinity, Gopalan Signature Mall, Opp:, 3, Old Madras Rd, Bennigana Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017

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