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Art as a Catalyst: RMZ Foundation's Drive for Community Transformation

Mission Statement

Bridging the gap between community and art, RMZ Foundation pioneers a new language of engagement. We collaborate with diverse artists, weaving a tapestry of creativity, transcending borders, and fostering environmental consciousness. Our art in public spaces unites diverse cultures, fostering sustainability and transcending boundaries. Explore our art initiatives today.

Our Impact
Through art, we catalyse social change and inspire a more connected, inclusive world. Our art in public spaces aim to transform communities, bridging the gap between people and art, and creating a new, inclusive language of expression. Explore the impact of our initiatives as we continue to engage through the power of art and culture.
We Change Each Other
Artist – Shilpa Gupta

An established, Indian contemporary artist, Shilpa’s work signifies the inevitable mutation and dispersion that follows when two beings or cultures come into contact with each other. In an increasingly polarising world,
this work explores the flux within interpersonal spaces, be it between two people, intergenerational, or those shaped by religious, political or gender divides. Only one of the interwoven languages lights up at a time, reminding the viewers to look at the ‘Other.’

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Step (Taschenskulpturen), 2021
Artist – Erwin Wurm

A closer look at this everyday object will prompt one to think about lifestyle choices.

The work symbolizes existence and daily life as Wurm continues to draw inspiration from contemporary culture and objects of status. The almost animate oversized figure questions the habits and preferences that form human identity.

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Artist – Narayan Sinha

Narayan Sinha’s practice is a reflection of a contrasted upbringing between the wild nature of Bengal and his family’s automotive factories. Narayan reimagines life through found mechanical mediums; small interventions creating life like objects from cast-away metal scraps. His practice considers stereotypical meanings and explores what it is to be present as a living being. His interventions are meditations on his experience, and a reaction to his own sensitivity amidst a still heavily masculine society in rural India.

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Into the emptiness where
the meanings lie
By Sachin George Sebastian

Sachin is often inspired by geometry and natural forms crafting works entirely out of paper.

In this work, he attempts to break away from the very structural chaos into something more spontaneous.

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Square Petal, 2022
By Valay Gada

Valay Gada’s works reflect the concerns linked to the impact of urbanisation and climate change on the natural world and are produced out of recycled materials.

His larger-than-life hyper-realistic botanical works are hybrids, distorted by either
manmade genetic modification or the effect of a hostile environment, often possessing a looming and menacing beauty.

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Labrat [ Boxer]
By Valay Shende

Shende’s work questions the reverse effects of emerging technologies and how it will transform the way we live.

Adorned with dazzling metal discs, Shende’s life-size sculpture captures the tension between tradition and modernization in India.

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Temporal Identities
By The Hashtag Collective

Chennai-based Hashtag Collective uses local culture to drive their artistic narrative. This series is a celebration of women’s Voices in South Indian Cinema. Relooking and re-contextualizing artists such as Bhanumati, Sridevi and others who have ‘disappeared ‘ from public consciousness. The coloured strips offering a lenticular perspective represent the transitioning of the times.

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We Started and Ended Here
By Martand Khosla

Khosla’s practice is grounded in expanded sculpture, while encompassing other media, bridging issues of space and society through forms that express and challenge conceptual and physical gravities.

His art echoes certain qualities and ambitions of architecture, while funneling the discipline’s hallmark functionality into a running commentary on the political and social complexity of rampant development in India and beyond.

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Three Shades of Tamil Nadu
By Avinash Kumar

In Three Shades of Tamil Nadu, Avinash highlights its colourful and abundant culture.

There is an ode to Bharatanatyam with a striking dance pose, a hint of Marina Beach, the Thanjavur dancing doll, terracotta work and the use of chess pieces. It appears boundless as it merges several rich traditional offerings.

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The Link
Artist – ArunKumar HG

The sculpture of a seated bull recalls a familiar scene, one that Arun Kumar connects with his childhood experiences in rural India and to Nandi, the divine carrier of Lord Shiva. The sturdy form is intricately constructed with heavy iron chains, following the artist’s practice of utilizing recycled materials in respect of the earth’s limited resources. The link between animals and humans is inseparable; despite scientific intervention in achieving sustainable living, we cannot delink ourselves from interdependence with animals.The material becomes a metaphor for the notion of sustainability, and visually establishes the complex ‘link’ between man and animal.

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Spatial Diagram 6 – In Vermilion & Crimson
Artist -Dhruva Mistry

Dhruva Mistry’s sculptures in sheet metal are characterised by fluid lines and expansive forms, continuing his deep and sustained interest in the visual depiction of movement. Producing varied aspects from different angles, Spatial Diagram 6 contains two strategically combines metal cut-outs that engage the eye and mind with rhythmic positive and negative silhouettes. Embedded within the concept of the work are connotations of the spiritual Swastika symbol and references to the union of purusha and prakriti – respectively, the male and female principles of nature as understood within ancient Indian philosophy

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Inherent Conversations – II
Artist – S Gopinath

The intriguing sculptural installation draws attention to the apparent inertia of the realistically portrayed figure, bodily embedded within a solid block, and the attractive gilded egg in front of it. The empty seats around invite viewers to join the act of contemplation and self-reflection, which the artist wishes to provoke. Through the sculptural installation, Gopinath expands his commentary on the human condition, and the inability of humanity to negate feelings of insecurity and intolerance that lead to violence. He uses his art and the symbolism of materiality to mirror society and its conundrums.

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Dharitri – I
Artist-Jayasri Burman

“Who is she, Dharitri?… The daughter of the earth has emerged with the power of wings. She wants to fly and she can. Desire, prayers, affection and love fill her, fuel her.”

The tableau is rich in symbolism and narrative detail, related in style to the artist’s practice in painting. The sculpture is based on a poetic representation of Dharitri, a mythical feminine embodiment of the Earth. In the artist’s vision, she has evolved into an incarnation of strength and passion while taking in all of Nature – its changing seasons awakening mystic transformations in her. Her skin has touched the sunrays and the raindrops while playing in the mud and dust with her friends, and thus unknowingly she grew up into a full-bodied woman, sensuous and full of life, ready to fly.

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The Force
Artist-Paresh Maity

Force is inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of primitive cave painting, symbolically contemplating the energy of human force and the speed of our life.

The sculpture demonstrates cubism of strong line and form, resonating with power, masculinity and enduring motion. It also epitomises the artist’s experimentation with scale and monumentality. Creating forms in a multidimensional way has always been part of Maity’s oeuvre, despite the fact that he is predominantly a painter. His recent sculptural works in bronze accentuate essences of folkloric forms that surrounded him in his childhood and youth, representing memories of a charmed time. He acknowledges his legacy as an artist from Bengal; he believes in the traditions that direct him towards distinct aesthetic choices while he continues to shape his contemporary expression.

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Artist-K.S. Radhakrishnan

At once a life experience and life essence of the artist, ‘Bahuroopi’ is inspired by the folk performers, guised as gods and evil forces, often seen in Santiniketan and Kolkata, where K.S.Radhakrishnan spent his formative years. In this sculptural installation, the protagonist ‘Musui’ assumes various air bound postures imparting a sense of movement and stillness simultaneously, portraying the idea of ‘stiti’ and ‘gati’. Observing the viewers even as they are observed, the Bahuroopis mirror the relationship that devotees establish with the godhead and vice versa.

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Artist-Ravindra Reddy

The sculpture is iconic in its embodiment of feminine presence. Each element in the facial structure is prominent and enhanced to the finest degree; the wide open eyes seemingly embrace the earth with their direct gaze. The painted head is distinctive of the artist’s practice that has leaned towards the exploration of archetypal female imagery corresponding to classical, folk and popular histories. The rich colouring and monumental scale transform the figure from being a portrait of cultural identity to a multivalent persona offering many interpretations.

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Thosa Pani
Artist-Subodh Gupta

Using hundreds of shiny vessels, the artist captures a tumultuous tide of water in a frozen moment. The rigidity of the material contrasts with the organic, free-flowing power of nature, reiterating Gupta’s evocative use of everyday objects to extend socio-political and cultural commentary. There is a land of nowhere from where the sculptural river arrives and peaks in a vibrant tidal crescendo. The grandeur and scale of the work invokes awe, its mirrored surfaces both reflecting and excluding the surrounding landscape. Underlying its sophistication, the sculpture simply offers a glimpse into a rustic setting that may belong to the artist’s memories.

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Dreams Overflowing
Artist-Subodh Gupta

The massive overflowing bucket alludes in a symbolic and ironic way to the overwhelming wastage of the world’s natural resources, as well as the relentless growth of consumerism. The materiality and surface opulence of steel kitchenware reinforces notions of wealth, prosperity, and future security – while their veritable emptiness stands for inherent poverty in any society that reveres only material wealth. The work, with myriad tiny vessels escaping from the rim, recalls frothing milk-buckets used to collect and deliver milk in the northern Indian region, both rural and urban. Gupta often relies on an object’s integral history and functionality to make a statement.


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Valampiri Shankha
Artist – Balan Nambiar

The ‘Valampiri Shankha’, a rare conch with a clockwise spiral, is attributed with qualities including auspiciousness, perfection of proportion, and preciousness. Its sound, when blown, has been equated to the perfect pronunciation of “Om” (a union of root sounds a, u, ma). The sculpture aims not to be a biological profile of the conch, but a recreation inspired by the concept.


Having researched and documented ritual art forms of western coastal South India over several decades, Balan Nambiar’s artistic repertoire embraces a profound understanding of philosophical practices, objects and histories. Besides experimenting with diverse mediums, Nambiar’s monumental steel sculptures embody metaphysical concepts that sensitively respond to their surroundings, radiating innate energy. The sculpture, with an equiangular spiral finely structured in stainless steel plates, represents both the conch and the visualization of its sound vibrations.

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Artist – Paresh Maity

‘Shringar’ is a celebration and a homage to the divinity and beauty of a woman. It reflects the grandeur of the many qualities that a woman possesses – glory, fertility and fortune.

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Artist – Vinod Patel

The sculpture is inspired from and reflects the tradition of decorating the entrances of homes using Toran. It is usually made with marigold flowers and mango leaves stringed together above the doorway, the very first object that welcomes a guest and to please and attract the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi.

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Artist – Diane Maclean

Diane Maclean is a sculptor and environmental artist whose works are well known for their evocative quality on the subject of a greener naturally sustainable world. A Fellow and council member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors she was born in London and educated at the University of Hertfordshire. Mc Lean’s work speak of the associations with sustainable cultures as seen in the work “Encampment” that area set of conical forms rising from the earth like a cluster settlement. This monumental sculptural installation in reflective stainless steel scatters light in a myriad colours bringing to life the beauty of the sustainable environments of cluster settlements in the past as a reminder to strike a balance between man and nature. Reflective materials that use natural light figure largely in her art. In the artist’s own words she is interested in “the material of our planet and the climate that affects it, and have worked with scientists in trying to interpret aspects of this in my work”.

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Artist – Bolla Srinivas Reddy

A metaphor of self-manifestation (Swayambhu), the human head with a cluster of tiered tall tower like forms exemplifies the chaos & commotion of urbanization and material existence reflects the mundane reality one cannot escape from.

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On The Step
Artist – SD Hariprasad

This work is an interactive sculpture installation intended to have meditative quality where reflection on life becomes important.

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Artist – Lalitha Shankar

The geometric forms, textures, colors beckon a viewer to engage with its formal space and structure. Delving into abstract notions of ‘consciousness’ and ‘reality’, the work is influenced by the artist’s relationship with yoga that is one of the characteristic features of her art practice reflected in this work.

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Lady With A Plan
Artist – Karl Antao

A feminine form self-assured and dominant appears to have a plan holding on to the organic world. The hair becomes an extension and continuation of the contemplative mind and its ability to control situations as the Lady with a Plan stands before the viewer.

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Artist – Gigi Scaria

The artwork is a vertical ascent of varied structures balancing on top of each other to form a unified form indicative of a united society. It reflects the cityscape, and the way society functions despite the differences, maintaining balance to hold the social fabric intact.

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Temptations Of An Illusionary Space
Artist – S Gopinath

The sculpture, based on the concept of ‘Maya’, instigates the onlooker’s mind in questioning the perceptions of reality. The sculpture seems like a work in progress, with a perfectly geometric, accurate form that stands out in the sculpture emanating a hope of a form emerging eventually, once the artist resumes work. The absence of the artist is created by the intricately carved replicas of the gloves and tools.

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Artist – Ketan Amin

Ketan Amin’s Catharsis is a reflection of the word catharsis, which means to cleanse or clean. The work is a form in motion just before the pent-up energy of a cathartic moment of relief or release of energy happens, and carries with it all the latent energy of a catharsis. In the artist’s mind, the hand-body is about to throw out and release all the negative energy we humans collect in our bodies and minds, and move towards a better tomorrow.

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Artist – Madanlal Gupta

Using his subjects as nature, life and its force, Madanlal has been a part of the movement in Indian Contemporary Art to bring forth the subtle beauty and dynamics of a natural life. Drawing deeply from zen culture in his travels across Asia specifically Japan, his flower motifs attain a minimalistic splendour of natural life forces where hard textured and fissured rock seems to flow and weave through his visual as if lyrical poetry in stone. The flowers in marble and bronze are symbolic of that meditative stance in his works

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Column of Peace
Artist – Madanlal Gupta

Madan Lal loves the posture and delicate forms of flowers and buds. His work processes are a living proof of his affinity to nature. The sculptural column in sandstone rises vertically from the base as though growing towards the sun. Fine tendrillike petals crowning the piece create an illusion of textural softness and gentle outward movement. Lal has been inspired by nature-based abstraction prevalent in India during the 80s.

He is well known for his facility to transform hard rock into organic forms infused with fecundity as well as subtle eroticism. The fluid, repetitive forms and motifs in his work create a meditative atmosphere in the environment they are placed.

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Fruits of Our Mind
Artist – Karl Antao

Nature is the backbone of our existence. We survive if nature exists, whereas Mother Nature will survive even without human presence.
Acknowledging this fact, the sculpture embraces and protects all that exists in nature, eventually being absorbed and germinating within the body.

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Six Cages
Artist – Sudershan Shetty

The artist replicates the humble tools that play a part in molding civilization. When this form is juxtaposed with a technologically advanced imagery of an urban skyscraper, its volume and its scale change a viewer’s perception of its connotation. The sculpture mirrors the urban landscape and its invisible workforce that builds our society.

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Fly Away, Swim Closer
Artist – Sunil Gawde

The work is a manifestation of the insect’s attraction to light, that glows because of the light source outside. This metaphorically reflects our dogma of blindly following the one we perceive to be enlightened. Insects like fireflies that have light within are not attracted to light but those insects that lack such a light are. Humans unknowingly lose their identity just like the insects lose their lives coming in contact with light or heat.

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Endangered Hangul
Artist – Veer Munshi

The artwork uses the metaphor of a species of deer called Hangul in Kashmir that is at the verge of extinction like many ethnic communities. It refers to the migration of millions of humans to urban cities in search of shelter and livelihood to be a part of urban growth in terms of ecology and culture. The antlers of the deer are growing in the wilderness waiting for their return to roots to create a space where humanity is cherished.

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Colony Collapse Disorder
Artist – Vibha Galhotra

Our ecosystem relies heavily upon the bee population. Over one third of our food supply depends on bees for crop pollination. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the name given to the syndrome, which has been killing bees by the millions as now we (humans) are spreading across lands and leaving no space to maintain our Ecosystems. This work is in response to the growing jungle of concrete and depletion of nature.

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A Spike Of Rice
Artist – Trupti Patel

The work is a reference to an identification with the land and its relationship with the local region. It is a columnar form representing a spike of rice rising from the ground. Symbolically, the stone chosen is an attempt to reference the translucent white of the rice grain. The artist builds an interesting inlay technique using ash and soil collected from the region the sculpture is created in, imparting a sense of bonding.

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Between One Shore And Several Others
(Study of a Turmeric Flower)
Artist – Vivek Vilasini

The sculpture resonates with the artist’s ongoing creative study of biodiversity and sustainable farming, on the foundation of which he is developing a food forest. Similarly, the mode of art making reflects a multidimensional perspective that stems from his experiences and engagement with multiple areas of research and practice.

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Just A Note
Artist – George Martin

Ideating from his childhood memories of repetitive and meaningless play, the artist creates his own imaginary place in the large enigmatic structure that shapes into the dual headed doll and a cassette that kindles nostalgia. The asymmetry in forms perceives a unity of opposites felt by the viewer both at a visual and an introspective level.

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The Red Book
Artist – Rajendar Tikku

The sculpture stands as a metaphor for the continuity of time, that has left its mark behind in the form of calligraphic scripts. Like the cover of a book, the black marble slabs symbolise protection towards the values of heritage and culture.

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Artist – Himmat Shah

The constant human interference with the environment has disrupted its balance and harmony propelling earth towards irreversible chaos. Defying its physical and material conducts, the swirling form appears to be in motion presenting the viewers with an experience of the enormity & force of the form of the wave which is about to hit mankind.

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Artist – Shanthamani M

Epitomizing the architectonic features of Beijing, the structure forms a hybrid of elements in respect to the Bauhaus, Soviet, Japanese and International styles of architecture. It is a broad commentary on failed modern experiments that replace the conventional logic of the past, besides being a statement on the transformation of urban spaces due to rapid socio-economic development.

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Pigeon House
Artist – Cui Jie

Epitomizing the architectonic features of Beijing, the structure forms a hybrid of elements in respect to the Bauhaus, Soviet, Japanese and International styles of architecture. It is a broad commentary on failed modern experiments that replace the conventional logic of the past, besides being a statement on the transformation of urban spaces due to rapid socio-economic development.

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Systematic Citizen (Series)
Artist – Riyas Komu

The totemic figures, disjointed from their bodies, form pillar-like structures displaying veracity of displacement and migration focusing on the youth as the greatest sufferers. They are the foundation of the
future but are disconnected from their sense of cultural identity and belonging, looking on and wondering.

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Homage To Hendrik Van Rheede—Tree Of Needs
Artist – Arunkumar HG

Homage to Hendrick Van Rheede- Tree of Needs is an important evolution of the artist’s early artwork on the subject, which was about early hand-drawn documentation of the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats in 17th Century in the form of drawings and text in multiple languages, by the then Dutch authority Hendrik Van Rheede, of relevance even today. Homage to Hendrick Van Rheede Tree of Needs is about a tree or a forest losing its natural upward growth in fulfilling the rapidly growing needs of the human race.

The material-wood plays a significant role as it is picked up from an industrial scrapyard, mostly used in shipping goods across the globe. In this present context, the wood loses its ecological significance and remains as crate wood, a symbol of rampant consumerism consuming even the tree from which it came..

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Touch Me Not
Artist – Gigi Scaria

The sculpture resonates with the artist’s ongoing creative study of biodiversity and sustainable farming, on the foundation of which he is developing a food forest. Similarly, the mode of art making reflects a multidimensional perspective that stems from his experiences and engagement with multiple areas of research and practice.

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Arrested Image of A Dream
Artist – Thukral and Tagra

One of man’s most primordial dreams is that of flight. Thukral and Tagra have created a monumental pair of wings that can be worn by anyone. Rendered as a photo opportunity in the age of the ‹Selfie›, visitors can step in between them to have their portraits taken. Appearing as ancient monoliths, the wings symbolize the potential of dreams for each individual and the potential for the mind to take flight.

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Artist – Paresh Maity

Art can prevail in any and all aspects. With an alignment towards creative thought processes and styles each of the celebrated artists designed a bench that brought out their artistic language in a functional form. These benches have been spread out in spaces where people can have a deeper engagement with the artist’s vocabulary while being seated on a functional form.

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Artist – L N Tallur

Maya talks of an era of necessary hazards that have become a part of our lives as we live away from our natural states. Like stones, they are heavy and knowingly we have cultivated them into our lives even though it is a painful burden. In an ambitious mode for a better tomorrow, we have piled up this indispensable pain. Our pretense of being tolerant to this iconic pain in reality is intolerance towards the present. This has been the story of human civilization.

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By Shanthamani M

In this modern representation of God and Adam from the Sistine Chapel, the hands come down to the earth becoming mortal rough working hands. These anonymous hands are a mere resource for the global economy, no matter where they belong originally.

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You are Within Me
By Dhananjay Singh

Dhananjay Singh’s artworks often alternate between zoological and botanical forms. The primordial bond between man and nature transcends beyond a source of survival perceiving our own lives reflecting in nature. Nature and human kind metamorphose into each other.

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By D Rajasekharan Nair

The artist replicates the humble tools that play a part in molding civilization. When this form is juxtaposed with a technologically advanced imagery of an urban skyscraper, its volume and its scale change a viewer’s perception of its connotation. The sculpture mirrors the urban landscape and its invisible workforce that builds our society.

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