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Madanlal Gupta

“Flowers” stands as a testament to Gupta’s love for nature’s delicate forms. Crafted from sandstone, the sculpture symbolizes growth, with its column rising towards the sun. The exquisite petals atop the piece evoke a sense of softness and outward motion. Inspired by India’s nature-based abstraction during the 1980s, Gupta excels in transforming rigid rock into organic forms with elements of fecundity and subtle eroticism. His art, characterized by fluid, repetitive forms and motifs, creates a meditative ambiance in its surroundings. Gupta’s work is a reflection of the profound connection between art and nature, a connection that breathes life into his sculptures, imbuing them with the essence of the environment.

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RMZ Ecoworld, WMGQ+349, RMZ Ecospace, Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

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