Ensuring Brighter Futures

Resilient Communities


WeRise promotes sustainable social housing and social inclusion through technological empowerment, financial education and associated development.

The objective is to impact the lives of the homeless and the marginalised by empowering them with the means and assistance to build good homes for themselves. Built from locally available materials and technology provided by WeRise, the homes shall have a very small carbon footprint.

Our Solution

Technological Empowerment

Providing equipment and guidance to enable individuals from marginalized communities to fulfill their dream of building a home.

Financial Inclusion

Access to Government Schemes and micro-finance options for those who fall beyond the realm of organized finance.

Sweat Equity

Making the direct efforts of the beneficiaries an integral part of the construction process, resulting in pride of ownership and reduced costs.


Using locally sourced recyclable materials and the green technology to create highly efficient homes with a minimal carbon footprint.


Creating a strong foundation for supportive communities through spaces designed for social gatherings, education and training of children and adults.

Key Facts

  • 2

  • 60

  • 300 - 360
    Direct Beneficiaries

  • Low
    Carbon footprint Home

  • Grants
    Goverment grants of ₹1.79 lacs

  • ₹22Lacs
    raised out of ₹70 Lacs required

  • 18
    homes to be handed over by Oct’18

  • 42
    homes to be handed over by Mar’19


Through UrbanUp, a unique social enterprise seeks to set new benchmarks in sustainable housing as the most cost-effective way for creating social housing solutions. We hope to inspire the next generation to come forward and contribute to the cause.

Through this initiative the Foundation aspires to create a lasting impact on the vulnerable families and communities by fixing the country’s broken housing market and providing them with dignified and improved living conditions with access to a cleaner and healthier environment

The initiative is based on the concept of low cost housing that would improve housing access, urban affordability, safety and security for people who belong to the low income strata of society.

It is a result of the belief that affordable and appropriate housing is the foundation for families and individuals to build upon, and is the first step in helping children and families overcome traumatic experiences and find the stability they need to thrive.

We believe with sustainable technology , its conceivable to design , build & construct affordable houses for the weaker sections of the society.