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The Real Elephant Collective

‘Lantana’ is part of a profound environmental and artistic endeavour by nonprofit organization, The Real Elephant Collective that marries nature conservation with striking creativity. The life-size elephant models, handcrafted from the invasive Lantana camara plant, serve as poignant ambassadors for wildlife protection and coexistence. These are part of a set of over 100 elephant sculptures spread across cities worldwide. Each sculpture is a replica of real elephants from South Indian forests.

Conceived by Ruth Ganesh, Tarsh Thekaekara, and brought to life by Shubhra Nayar’s design, this project seamlessly interweaves art, culture, and ecological awareness. Indigenous artisans skillfully breathe life into these majestic creatures, not only combating the invasive Lantana camara but also fostering livelihoods and championing the cause of nature conservation. This extraordinary initiative calls upon us to enhance our coexistence quotient, advocating for a more balanced and symbiotic relationship with the natural world, where all life forms exhibit resilience and intelligence.

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RMZ Ecoworld, WMGQ+349, RMZ Ecospace, Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

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