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Following You

Manisha Parekh

Manisha Parekh, a contemporary Indian artist, delves into minimalism and abstraction in her work titled “Following You.” Using wall-mounted metal sculptures, she adeptly crafts minimalist pieces that manipulate light and shadow. Inspired by her mentor Nasreen Mohamedi, Parekh seamlessly melds minimalism and abstraction, balancing precise geometry with organic fluidity. Her art breathes life into lifeless objects, inviting viewers into a realm where form, motion, and emotion intersect within the abstract. Throughout her artistic journey, Parekh prioritizes form and texture over color and tone. Through this creation, she explores shadows and linearity, blurring the line between the sculpture and its shadow, urging viewers to ponder the division between reality and illusion.

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C9JM+39G, Silpa Gram Craft Village, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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