Defining the Skyline of Tomorrow


Urban Works Innovation Challenge

A 24-week accelerator program for startups conceptualising and creating environment-friendly, ergonomic, and cost-efficient solutions to improve the sustainability of Indian workspaces.


Applications from young professionals across disciplines are invited to co-design concepts for 'sustainable workspaces.'





Environmental sciences


Public Health

Public Policy

Participants can apply as individuals or teams and will subsequently be organized into work groups based on their ideas.

Participants must be willing to commit a six-month period, from October 2018, during which they must be located in either Mumbai or Bengaluru.


Financial support

Rs. 1.2 crores dispersed among successful participants

Coworking space

A dynamic workspace and collaborative environment within The CoWrks Foundry at CoWrks, Mumbai and Bengaluru

Targeted coaching

Hands-on mentorship from distinguished entrepreneurs and academics

Industry Network

Access to investors, corporate networks


Examples of problems for which solutions could be developed include:

By what means can we ensure that workspaces that are not connected with centralized electric grids receive adequate cooling, efficiently utilize solar energy, and have access to viable water resources?

How can the use of green technologies help workers in both manufacturing and service sectors?

How can low-cost diagnostic tests improve workplace health?

How can low-cost sensors be deployed to create safer and more productive working conditions?

Participants are encouraged to design innovative solutions for sustainable workspaces in the broad categories of:

  • Sustainable resource use

  • Green technologies and infrastructure

  • Decentralized energy-efficient solutions

  • Ergonomics

Impact in 3 years


startups funded




global launches


curated mentors

Sustainable Health Initiative

A 24 week accelerator program for early-stage startups innovating for long-term social, health, and environmental impact.

SHI is a 24-week startup accelerator program crafted to help founders improve the public health system in India and in other emerging economies by leveraging a combination of technology and local ingenuity.


  • Vector Borner Diseases

  • Urban Health and Environment

  • Maternal, Child and Newborn Health

  • Non-Communicable Diseases

  • Water and Sanitation

Highlights of the program

Seed Capital

Healthcare startups will be equipped with smart seed capital up to $70,000. Through the course of the program, startups will have access to top Indian and global investors.

Coworking Space

Premium workspaces within CoWrks - one of India’s largest coworking space built for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and even Fortune 500s.

Targeted Coaching

Industry experts from the Indian ecosystem and faculty mentors from Yale to build competencies around business and product through various touch points, including office hours, coaching conversations and events.

Industry Network

Teams can leverage strong market access with warm, personalized introductions across the extensive CoWrks and Yale member network, and access coaches across our various international programs including investors aligned to each domain.

Post Program Support

Post completion of the program, founders will have the space to interact and support each other through alumni groups, recurring founders’ meet, access to our internal coaches and exclusive event access.


Impact in 5 years


startups funded




global launches