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Venue: RMZ Ecoworld, Bellandur, Bengaluru

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We are so glad you'll be visiting us! Please fill out the information below and submit. Our dedicated team of art walk experts will process your request and will have a response for you within 24 hours. Please note all programs are subject to change and a minimum number of participants are required for tours. Please fill the below required information in order to process your art walk booking.

Art Walk: Open on all days except Tuesdays.

Minimum number of participants : 02 Nos.


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Things you should know about before visiting the Art Walk

  • 01Observe Silence.
  • 02Avoid Commenting / Pointing at Artworks.
  • 03Avoid Photography.
  • 03Avoid Selfies.
  • 04Do not cross the yellow line.
  • 05Do not Touch the Artworks.
  • 06Attend to Children.
  • 07Stay with the Group.
  • 08Ask questions.

Things you SHOULD NOT carry during Art Walk

  • 01Food & Beverages.
  • 02Large Backpacks / Bags.
  • 03Heelys.
  • 04Long Umbrellas.
  • 05Sharp Objects.
  • 06Selfie Sticks.

For any queries please reach out to Chaitra : +91 9902586530 or mail us at

Wishing you a safe and delightful art experience at RMZ Ecoworld!!