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We care for the Future

RMZ Foundation was established to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the country, working at the intersection of three focus areas – Sustainable Development, Resilient Communities and Urban Innovations - to pave the way ahead by unlocking new possibilities.


“To create a sustainable & equitable society through inclusive growth”


“To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate and in doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of the society”


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RMZ Foundation - Our Journey

“Without impact, innovation is just an idea with promise.”

The RMZ Foundation story is one of perseverance and joy, hope and triumph. Much like the first chapter in a novel, our first five years have been all about setting the direction. We’ve empowered communities through social housing, installed pivotal pieces of public art, enabled some of India’s brightest young achievers and innovated solutions that have changed the way our communities live and interact. As we look to continue with our story, take a moment to reflect on our past, celebrate the present, and reaffirm our commitment to a sustainable, inclusive future.

Through our three pillars of change - Sustainable Development, Resilient Communities and Urban Innovations - the Foundation seeks to promote the well-being of humanity. Our aim is to create equitable, inclusive growth and build resilient communities.

Our Accentuate Art initiative which is a part of our efforts to build Sustainable Developments offers the community powerful experiences with art and the urban environment. We launched India’s first public contemporary sculptural experience and set up a biophilic gallery to showcase experimental art. For us, the future is all about the democratization of art. We are creating immersive public art spaces where communities can interact, understand and appreciate contemporary art. With a view to foster the spirit of mentorship, we enable interaction between renowned artists and emerging apprentices. Under the aegis of our G+ program, we have explored innovative ideas in sustainable development through architecture and eco-friendly design. For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword. Sustainable designs grow and evolve, in sync, with our communities.

A resilient community is only possible after basic standards of shelter, primary healthcare and safety are met. Through our Social Housing initiative, we build homes for economically disadvantaged families. At the Social Impact Hub, we are creating a tech-enabled ecosystem to address burning social issues. We mentor entrepreneurs with great ideas for the future, collaborate on vital projects, and explore unique solutions for a better tomorrow.Urban migration continues to create pressure on our city infrastructure. Every year, the Foundation hosts an Urban Innovation Challenge that encourages the youth to conceptualize out-of-the-box solutions to urban issues. At our Urban Innovation Hub, we bootstrap innovations that will help transform our cities and communities.

At its core, the Foundation is about creating real, transformative change. The ideas that bring about this change come from you and me; from the community. Great stories are almost always about the little things. We want to leave the world better than we found it. And we believe that, together, brick by brick, we can build a future more inclusive; a world more colourful.

We care for the future.


Mrs. Anu Menda

Managing Trustee, RMZ Foundation

"Progress is impossible without change; evolution, the foundation of life itself, is based on that concept. And looking at the world around us, it is quite clear that a change is imperative. With development turning a blind eye to consequences, a move towards a responsible and compassionate society has become the need of the hour.

Modern philanthropy is based on the belief that the focus of any effective change should be the underprivileged members of society; the victims of blind progress.

The time has now come for us to look ahead and sculpt new ideas to address the most pressing issues affecting the world we live in, ushering in an era of inclusive growth.

To create any significant impact, innovation is key, combined with a versatile approach, which presents a multi-faceted outlook, keeping in tune with the changing dynamics of a fast-paced world.

By systematizing the approach towards making a difference, RMZ Foundation has identified five core areas, through which we can accelerate change and give rise to an atmosphere of harmony and happiness for all."

Mr. Venugopal A.N

President, RMZ Foundation

"One of human kind’s greatest challenges, during the course of this century, will be to ensure sustainable, just and balanced development. The needs of current and future generations cannot be met unless there is respect for natural systems and international standards protecting core social and environmental values.

As a responsible corporate citizen, RMZ Corp is consistently and rigorously incorporating principles of sustainability in all aspects of its business starting right from site selection, to maximizing the energy efficiency of the assets that we develop and manage.

We derive the core of RMZ's sustainability philosophy from the broad framework developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Foundation’s priorities are centred on the three pillars of Environmental, Economical and Social impact.

To deliver excellence in sustainability, the foundation is being supported by key employees who have been identified as the sustainability leaders to drive the initiatives, being the change agents and help drive the shared value for the stakeholders of RMZ."