Defining the Skyline of Tomorrow

Urban Development

Cities are the lifeline of any nation, serving as centres for business, innovation and urban living. However, if not kept in check, the population surge can create a negative impact in the form of decreased quality of life. The future rests on the implementation of measures that consider this challenge and avoid the creation of lower living standards, resource scarcity and ecological depletion.

As an established name in Indian Real Estate, RMZ Corp has carved out its own distinct identity through rigorous formulations and regimental implementations of green initiatives and sustainability practices, which form the core of all its operations.


RMZ Foundation is focused at innovative sustainability measures to prevent irreversible degradation of resources and ecosystems by realizing the multiple benefits of Greener cities from energy efficient buildings to cleaner cities. The focus of urban development will be an integrated, consultative approach involving local communities leading towards a greener economy.

Leading the way in sustainable urban development, RMZ Foundation continues to be responsible for a variety of innovative solutions aimed at preventing irreversible damage to the environment in the form of pollution and depletion of precious resources.

With the help of consultations with experts and greater community involvement, RMZ Foundation seeks to build ever greener cities and energy efficient buildings with the smallest possible carbon footprints. In addition, RMZ Foundation also leverages the expertise from RMZ Corp that have resulted in creating awarding winning properties that have received both National and International recognition.


Building today, while preparing for tomorrow is the core principle that delivers true sustainability across all aspects. Sustainability is no longer just a responsible choice but a smart one as well, helping businesses and enhancing their productivity, while significantly lowering costs.

As demonstrated through all RMZ Corp projects, the commitment to reducing carbon footprints and minimizing the dependence on non-renewable resources has had a substantial impact on the environment while benefiting the community. With innovation leading the way to smarter designs that create better work and living spaces, thereby becoming a landmark and a milestone in ecological advancement, the creation of open spaces, benefit the customers, while allowing each company the opportunity to implement green practices of their own.

The use of materials that provide a natural cooling effect help minimize the need for excessive energy usage, while natural light and ventilation facilitate in improving health by creating environments that rejuvenate the mind and body at every moment.


RMZ Foundation follows the GRI guidelines for the sustainability disclosure to advance the goal of mainstreaming environmental, social, and governance disclosure. RMZ Corp is a Founding Member of the Indian Green Building Council and is an active member of the US Green Building Council as well.

As an Urban Development Partner of World Economic Forum (WEF), RMZ has a strategically influential position that enables dialogues with Governments and local authorities to recommend measures and actions for the prevention of anti-environmental practices, while working on the future of urban development and smart cities in India.

Reflecting its efforts to transform the urban landscape with the help of efficient and ecoconscious systems, RMZ Foundation has a vision to optimize traffic flow in the city of Bengaluru through traffic interventions on the Outer Ring Road, in collaboration with TTIC and a Bicycle Plan, in association with Namma Cycle, to promote the use of bicycles for short commutes, thus greatly reducing the number of cars and motorcycles on the roads.4