A Green Perspective

sustainable Development

Accentuate Art

The contemporary understanding of art breaks barriers between design, architecture and new technologies. Given its spatial features, unique in Bangalore for their size and style, RMZ Foundation calls on national and international artists to create artworks that interact not only with the architecture, but create a platform for national and international cultural alliances. The Gallery aims to provide international standards for artists and curators. This fulfills our aspiration to create an art destination that is steadfastly committed to cultural activation. Our aim is to create social impact and reach out to the community through various outreach programs that are centred on art.

RMZ Art Centre

At the RMZ Art Centre, the broad strategic objective is to create and expand international cultural alliances; to make each of Art Centre’s collections accessible to broader audiences; to pursue collection sharing strategies; to implement joint exhibitions, publishing, education and retail, and to facilitate each institution’s long term goals.

The art centre comprises:

  • AIRE


Art Walk

The Art Walk houses a permanent collection of monumental artworks by significant contemporary artists namely Subodh Gupta, Ravinder Reddy, Paresh Maity,Arunkumar H. G,Jayasri Burman, Dhruv Mistry and K.S. Radhakrishnan.

The Foundation focuses on creating innovative platforms for art as a part of its social responsibility programme, while hosting high profile events that will aid in supporting essential programs focussed towards inclusive growth and progress.

The objective is to broaden the horizons for visual arts and actively engage the audience, with the intent of giving art the right platform to thrive in our communities through a unique experience for art lovers. RMZ Foundation seeks to integrate art into the work environment, creating a unique identity with a vision to bring together a collection of the most riveting works of art from around the world.

The art installations at RMZ Ecoworld are meant to invoke and evoke energy, passion and a certain quality of wakefulness in the viewer. These ideals and principles represent a way of life and provide a new outlook on every individual and the society as a whole.

The Gallery


The Gallery at RMZ Ecoworld captures the imagination of art lovers and artists from all over the country and beyond. The aim is to create and expand national and international alliances with artists globally and to take contemporary art in all forms to a greater audience through exhibitions, publishing, education and community engagement.

Facets of accentuate art

The Foundation will focus on creating innovative platforms for art as a part of its social responsibility program, while hosting high profile events that will aid in supporting essential programs focused towards inclusive growth and progress.

Accentuate Art seeks to inspire, move and connect people, creating a feeling of harmony within the community by harnessing the power of art, through its three primary focus areas.

Promoting Contemporary Art

The goal is to educate the community and to understand its effect on economic, social and cultural change. Through the ownership of a vast and diverse art collection, Accentuate Art seeks to integrate art into the work environment, creating a unique identity with a vision to bring together a collection of the most riveting works of art from around the world.

The intent is to highlight the most significant contemporary artists by promoting their works and creating a unique experience for art lovers.


The gallery space will be at the centre of the educational component enabling access for art enthusiasts to obtain further information about the artists, the artworks and the foundation. This initiative promotes curatorial programs and encourages social media engagements.

Outreach Programs

This initiative focuses on building interdisciplinary partnerships with schools, groups, and people with special needs in order to provide art enrichment activities , field-trips and the opportunity to expand the awareness of art and its appreciation in our community and worldwide. These programs are developed with the intent of giving back to the society through art.

G+ Program

Offices usually have a large carbon footprint as they have to cater to the daily needs of a large number of people. However, minimizing the impact on our environment has become imperative. This is where RMZ G+ offices come in, with a myriad of green features to ensure a sustainable work environment.

Utilization of solar and wind energy

Wind powered climate control

Use of natural lighting

Returning energy to the grid

Creating hubs for healthy working and networking

Biophilic Structures

Since we spend 90% of time in artificially controlled environments, our innate need to affiliate with nature in the urban context is fulfilled by biophilic spatial design.

The fundamental goal of Biophilic design in our projects, is to create good habitats for people. Accomplishing this objective depends on meeting certain conditions. First, because biophilia is essentially about evolved human tendencies, biophilic design focuses on those aspects of nature that, over evolutionary time, have contributed to our health and well-being.

Our prototype, AIRE, has been designed to communicate the essence of sustainable architecture thorugh an iconic living art structure.

The Aire:

“The concept of Aire is to communicate the essence of sustainable architecture through an iconic living art structure”

A place for experimentations, this is a unique sustainable space that will be offered for specific projects related to Art, Architecture and Photography and will house exhibitions throughout the year. The photo story, our fist exhibit is an example of the types of exhibits we will host. There will be a minimum of 2 architecture exhibitions, 1 photography exhibition and 1 art exhibition (visual) throughout the year.

Green Planters

25200 plants make Aire a structure that is truly one with nature. The exterior houses green planter cells, while the interior contains specific plant species carefully selected to enhance the process of purifying the air. The four sides of the green façade resonates with the changing seasons (Summer, Monsoon, Winter & Spring), capturing the unique essence of each, through centre panels adorned with seasonal plants, which change every season.


  • The air quality index inside Aire is 99 (which is considered as good).
  • Energy generated per day (on an average) from solar panels placed above is 3.7 – 4 Units KWP/ day
  • Energy used per day from solar panels is about 3 KVA.

Minimal Carbon Footprint

17.1 KW of Solar Power
Generation Capacity

Made of 100% recyclable/ reusable biodegradable materials

Green Walls: 10% Cooler than Exposed Walls

Green Walls: Potentially cuts electricity bills by up to 20%

Recycled water for water bodies and to water plants

Green Walls made of Plants and Shrubbery to be Lung Space

Pergolas: For Natural Light and Ventilation

Autonomous completely Self Sustaining, O-Grid Building