Ensuring Brighter Futures

Secure Livelihoods

Improving skill-sets works in the national interest and helps improve the overall economic aspects of individuals as well as states. Quality training that results in skilled workers becomes an added bonus to the country’s growth and progress while expanding opportunities to create markets in tune with the ever-changing economy. Many initiatives are underway to address these concerns while coordinating with private sector companies and RMZ Foundation is playing a key role in this area.

Gaps in skill development in the Construction and Real Estate sectors have become a pressing concern in recent times. RMZ Foundation's skill development programs are designed to address this very issue. The focus is on enhancing construction-related skills, primarily among RMZ Partner Vendors, but also among the construction fraternity as a whole. The training programs feature global partners and are customized to meet the varying requirements of different projects across India.

Objectives of the Program

  • Enhancing the skill sets of construction workers at RMZ project sites, to address their specific training needs.
  • Providing internationally approved training programs in Construction and related certification programs at the RMZ Academy of Skills.
  • Providing better employment avenues for the trainees in the Construction sector.
    • The Mini Skill Development Centre at Ecoworld caters to the specific skill development needs in the Construction and Real Estate sectors.
    • The Academy of Skills aims to pool the finest resources and expertise in order to enhance the knowledge and professional skills of construction workers, students, and NGOs.

The Secure Livelihoods initiatives support construction skill development to address the social inequities and income disparities in India. They provide world-class training with quality assured learning pathways and standards comparable with International Qualification framework in construction and related trades.

The Way Forward

RMZ Foundation is a member of National Skill Development Corporation along with LabourNet. The Foundation also hosts the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) in India contributing to the India Skill Vision for 2020.

These initiatives and partnerships are an extension of the Foundation’s vision of a future of inclusive growth and progress.